Hamm and Phillips

Our Mission Provide oilfield transportation services exceeding the highest quality standards of the industry, thereby fulfilling the needs of oil and gas producers in this area.

Dispatcher Driver Equipment Pump Operator


Job Description

Essential Functions - The Dispatcher is required to process tickets job tickets for the crews, coordinate crews across the various field locations, hand out supplies to the crews at the start of the shift and as necessary throughout the remainder of the workday, and in general keep track of the materials in the stock room and in the yard.

Orginizational Relationships - This position reports to the Yard Manager. Frequent contact with the assigned work group(s), customer representatives, other company personnel and other service company representatives is required.

Positions Requirements

Essential Functions

    1. The Dispatcher will pick up tickets at the start of the day and process
      them for the crew.
    2. The Dispatcher will be required to understand the different billing procedures for different clients, and will have to be functional with an adding machine. In addition to price tickets, the Dispatcher will enter issue slips and type well service reports.
    3. The Dispatcher will be required to receive calls from the service crews throughout the day (majority will be received over radio) and will keep track of crew location, job status, and crew needs.
    4. The Dispatcher is required to input payroll information into the computer
      for all hourly employees at his/her particular yard via computer and fax
      or email to corporate office weekly.
    5. The Dispatcher will make and receive several phone calls on a daily basis.
    6. The Dispatcher is required to service the materials needs of the crews. At
      the start of each shift the Dispatcher will hand out requested supplies to
      the crews (the majority of handling will occur at this time). Throughout
      the day the Dispatcher will be required to locate requested materials and
      provide these for the crews. Manual handling will be required typically.
    7. Adheres to company policies and work requirements.

Physical Requirements

    1. Amount of Each Day Spent: Standing 40% Walking 10% Sitting 50%
    2. Employee Works: Inside 100% Outside 0%
    3. While Performing the Job, Employee wil be Required to: Lift/Carry (0-10lbs) Occasionally 10 minutes/day
    4. Physical Activity Required:
      • Lift Under 10 lbs. Occasionally
      • Carry Under 10 lbs. Occasionally
      • Reach Above Shoulder Occasionally